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Bluetongue restrictions lifted on some sheep and cow exports (14/06/2011)

Cattle and sheep will not necessarily have to meet bluetongue restrictions. New rule comes into effect next month. Some animals will still be subjected to criteria.

Numbers of liver fluke are particularly high this year

Sheep parasites 'thrived' in mild weather (06/10/2009)

Sheep parasites have thrived over recent weeks thanks to the mild, wet weather lasting well into autumn. An expert at the Scottish Agricultural College has warned that liver fluke presents a particular problem. Sheep owners are advised to carry out ro...

Sheep are susceptible to fluke following wet and mild weather

Sheep farmers urged to take part in fluke survey (13/07/2009)

Scientists and academics are conducting a survey to find out sheep farmers' experiences of liver fluke. Farmers are being asked to fill out the survey in Sheep Farmer magazine so that scientists can gather data and develop better control strategies. F...

Farmers are underestimating the bluetongue threat

Bluetongue vaccine uptake down in some areas (22/06/2009)

Farmers in some areas appear to be choosing not to vaccinate their livestock against bluetongue disease, despite experts' warnings. A map published by Farmers Weekly shows that uptake of the vaccine has fallen in some parts of the country. This is des...

Farmers should remember to vaccinate finishing lambs

Expert urges finishing lamb vaccination (05/06/2009)

Farmers have been advised to vaccinate lambs against preventable diseases to avoid costly outbreaks. Lambs should be vaccinated against pasteurellosis and clostridial diseases, a livestock vet adviser has said. The move helps to ensure that finishing ...

Dipping can be a cost-effective way of protecting sheep against parasites.

Sheep dipping is 'cost-effective', says vet (26/05/2009)

A vet has described sheep dipping as a 'cost-effective' way of protecting sheep against parasites. Sheep dipping chemicals contain insecticide and fungicide to ward off parasites such as scab mites and ticks. Vet Les Porter claimed that sheep dipping ...

Additional supplies of Louping-ill vaccine should help to protect sheep flocks against the virus.

Farmers urged to vaccinate sheep against Louping-ill (06/05/2009)

NFU Scotland has revealed that the manufacturer of a key vaccine against Louping-ill has identified additional supplies, easing the country's shortage. Louping-ill is a viral infection of the central nervous system that primarily affects sheep. The vi...

The cryptosporidium parasite can cause diarrhoea and abdominal pain

Health Protection Agency North West issues farmyard hygiene warning (27/04/2009)

Health Protection Agency North West has highlighted the importance of hygiene to farm visitors. Infections including those caused by the cryptosporidium parasite are more common in the spring. Farm visitors should wash their hands thoroughly after str...

Fewer cases of scrapie are being detected in UK flocks of sheep.

Figures show fall in scrapie cases (14/04/2009)

New figures show that the number of sheep infected with scrapie in the UK has fallen. There has been a 40 per cent decrease in the number of affected animals, suggesting that control programmes may have had a positive effect. Scrapie has been present ...

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