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Worming 'essential' for healthy pets (06/10/2011)

An animal expert has urged pet owners to give their dogs and cats regular worming treatments and groom them to spot any lumps or signs of pain.

Owners spend money on pets despite economy (31/03/2011)

US research shows pet owners are still taking care of their animals. This is despite many people facing financial difficulties. Annual expenditure on pets in 2010 reached £29 billion.

Healthy dogs 'important' for Crufts judges (17/03/2011)

Crufts judges keep an eye out for healthy dogs so it is important to keep them in good shape, one victorious owner has noted.

Puppies may be nervous around their owner to begin with

Game playing 'may improve paw contact' (20/10/2009)

A pet expert has recommended gentle game playing to build up trust between a puppy and its new owners. Some puppies do not like having their paws touched, which can make it difficult to clean their feet and keep their fur trimmed. However, the Indepen...

7 articles