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Digestion & Stomach

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Advance Puppy Sensitive

ADVANCE Baby Protect Puppy Sensitive is specially formulated for puppies 2 to 12 months and for pregnant or nursing dogs with meat protein intolerance.     Features & Benefits:   ALOE VERA GEL - helps maintain the integrity of the intestinal and skin barrier. &nbs...

Price from:   £44.95

Advance Sensitive with Salmon & Rice

Advance Sensitive Advance Sensitive Dog with Salmon & Rice is specially formulated for adult dogs of all breeds that are intolerant to meat proteins and other ingredients frequently associated with nutritional sensitivities due to its properties. Features & Benefits: &nbs...

Price from:   £40.90

Bezopet Paste

Bezo-Pet is a specific lubricant for the digestive tract in cats and dogs. Bezo-Pet is palatable and willingly taken by cats and dogs. Recommended for long-haired breeds and cats kept indoors. Bezo-Pet is an oily paste; it coats the stomach and digestive tract with an highly lubricant mucous layer...


Blooming Pets Probiotics For Dogs & Cats

Blooming Pets Probiotics For Dogs & Cats contains high levels of important strains of friendly bacteria to colonise the gut and help prevent pathogens taking hold. A pre biotic is also included which feeds the friendly bacteria but not the unfriendly ones.



Canigest Paste is a complementary feeding stuff for dogs and cats combining a probiotic, prebiotics, glutamine, kaolin and pectin. It is particularly suitable for feeding to dogs to assist in the nutritional management of digestive tract upsets. Probiotics may improve health conditions in dogs exp...

Price from:   £7.85

Canikur Pro Paste

Canikur Pro Paste for Dogs contains three ingredients that work together to support your dog's gut function. Canikur Pro can be given alongside any prescription medicines that your vet may recommend. Available is a tasty meat flavour, most dogs will eat the paste straight from the syringe. ...

Price from:   £8.30

Canikur Tablets

A dietary supplement for the maintenance of digestive function in dogs and relief of digestive upset, especially diarrhoea. Canikur is a very tasty, gastrointestinal supporting dietetic supplement which relieves the symptoms of diarrhoea and reconditions the intestines prior to a return to either ...

Price from:   £7.90

Colaid Capsules

Size: 90 Tablets

ColAid is a combination formula which supplements the proper bile salts to normalize the flow of bile and intestinal peristalsis. It also stimulates the production of bile in the liver and the bile ducts, and completes the final stages of fat digestion with unique enzymes which provide the proper ...


Dorwest Digestive Supplement Tablets

Dorwest Digestive Supplement tablets for dogs and cats is a dietary supplement to complement the diet by providing natural compounds that maintain good digestion. It contains herbs traditionally used to soothe and comfort the digestive system, to settle windy tummies and reduce flatulence. Key...

Price from:   £11.26

Dorwest Tree Barks Powder

Dorwest Tree Barks Powder for dogs and cats a food for the specific nutritional purpose of reducing acute intestinal absorptive disorders and to compensate for maldigestion. These mucilaginous ingredients are also suitable to be used during periods of acute diarrhoea and in the recovery period fol...

Price from:   £13.45

Eukanuba Daily Care Sensitive Digestion

Eukanuba Daily Care Sensitive Digestion is recommended for adult dogs 1+ years with a tendency to sensitive digestion such as flatulence and occasional loose stool. Key Benefits: Beet Pulp and extra Prebiotics FOS –for a healthy intestinal environment   Easy to digest rice...

Price from:   £12.46

Glutalyte Sachets Dogs & Cats

Glutalyte is a nutritional support to help restore electrolyte and water balance in convalescing cats and dogs.  Glutalyte is a readily available source of highly digestible ingredients to help stabilise water and electrolyte balance in Dogs & Cats. It is designed to compensate for elec...


Hill's Prescription Diet Canine i/d GI Low Fat

Hill’s Prescription Diet Canine i/d GI Low Fat is highly digestible, low fat food that can be fed long term to manage gastrointestinal disorders and minimize risk of recurrence. It is clinically proven to help digestive tract recovery. Key Benefits: •    Prebiotic f...

Price from:   £11.90

Hill's Prescription Diet Canine i/d

Hill's Prescription Diet Canine i/d is a highly digestible formula created specifically to help manage dogs with gastrointestinal disorders. Key Benefits: Helps to neutralise free radicals as it contains high level of antioxidants. Highly digestible ingredients for better gastroi...

Price from:   £13.90

Hill's Science Plan Canine Adult Sensitive Stomach Chicken, Egg & Rice

Hill's Science Plan Canine Adult Sensitive Stomach Chicken with Egg & Rice is formulated to promote gentle digestion. With clinically proven antioxidants and highly digestible proteins and fibres. Key Benefits: Advanced nutrition for comfortable digestion. Unique fibre blend pro...

Price from:   £15.90
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