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Bozita Robur Active & Sensitive

Bozita Robur Active & Sensitive dog food is for sensitive, grown-up dogs with normal to high activity level. The unique combination is rich in energy and at the same time, gentle to the stomach. The chicken meat ensures high palatability. Bozita Robur Active & Sensitive is enriched wit...

Price from:   £22.75

Bozita Robur Breeder & Puppy

Bozita Robur Breeder & Puppy is for puppies and young dogs of small to medium sized breeds or for pregnant and lactating bitches. Specially developed to meet the needs of growing dogs. The kibble size is adapted to puppies of small to medium sized breeds. Ideal also for pregnant and lactat...

Price from:   £22.75

Bozita Robur Light & Sensitive

For sensitive, grown-up dogs with low activity level. Suitable for dogs with low energy requirements. Recommended for overweight and elderly dogs as well as dogs with stomach and skin problems. Glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate promotes healthy joint function. Produced with fresh Swedish me...

Price from:   £19.00

Bozita Robur Maintenance

Bozita Robur Maintenance is for young and grown-up dogs with normal to high activity level. The base product of the Bozita Robur range contains excellent raw ingredients such as fresh Swedish chicken meat and rice. Balanced nutrient content gives health and vitality for all dogs. Produced with fre...

Price from:   £19.90

Bozita Robur Performance

Bozita Robur Performance is for dogs with high activity level or underweight as well as fussy dogs. Very suitable for dogs with high energy requirements. Optimal nutrition for hunting and hardworking dogs. Ensures high performance and vitality. Its excellent flavour and high energy content als...

Price from:   £23.35
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5 products