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Blooming Pets Cod Liver Oil For Dogs & Cats

Blooming Pets Cod Liver Oil For Dogs & Cats is a natural product rich in vitamins a, d & e. It promotes good health, a shiny coat, bright eyes, stronger teeth and bones.


Blooming Pets Devil's Claw Liquid

A strong herbal extract of Devils Claw herb particularly helpful to older dogs and cats as an anti inflammatory to reduce pain, swelling and stiffness of inflamed joints and muscles.


Boma Zeal Senior Dog Tabs

Boma Zeal Senior Dog Tablets contain a powerful combination of world renowned New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel Extract, Fish Cartilage, and Deer Velvet. These provide a natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate to aid joint health, and help improve quality of life in elderly pets. They...


C2 Collaplex Capsules

C2Collaplex is a revolution in canine mobility, for the continuation of normal joint function in ageing and less mobile dogs. The unique formulation contains Glucosamine HCL, Chondroitin Sulphate, Vitamin C, Manganese and Purified Type II Collagen. C2Collaplex is of the highest quality, using only...


Calmex for Dogs

Calmex is a calming supplement for dogs. Calmex is a unique combination of two amino acids, a psychoactive plant extract and B-vitamins. Calmex can be used to provide assistance with implementing veterinary recommendations or used on its own to help your pet in times of fear, anxiety and stress. ...

Price from:   £9.90


Canigest Paste is a complementary feeding stuff for dogs and cats combining a probiotic, prebiotics, glutamine, kaolin and pectin. It is particularly suitable for feeding to dogs to assist in the nutritional management of digestive tract upsets. Probiotics may improve health conditions in dogs exp...

Price from:   £7.85

Canikur Pro Paste

Canikur Pro Paste for Dogs contains three ingredients that work together to support your dog's gut function. Canikur Pro can be given alongside any prescription medicines that your vet may recommend. Available is a tasty meat flavour, most dogs will eat the paste straight from the syringe. ...

Price from:   £8.30

Canikur Tablets

A dietary supplement for the maintenance of digestive function in dogs and relief of digestive upset, especially diarrhoea. Canikur is a very tasty, gastrointestinal supporting dietetic supplement which relieves the symptoms of diarrhoea and reconditions the intestines prior to a return to either ...

Price from:   £7.90

Canovel Calcium

Various sizes - View product for choices Calcium supplement which will help the growth and health of puppies as well as pregnant and lactating bitches.

Price from:   £10.45

Canovel Condition Tablets

Various sizes - View product for choices Canovel tablets can give that extra boost of vitamins and minerals needed to attain and maintain peak condition.

Price from:   £9.85

Chudleys Canine Echinacea Herb

Echinacea is renowned for the support it provides to the immune system. Perfect if your dog is feeling a little under the weather and needs a bit of a "pick me up".  Ideal for dogs recovering from illness or suffering from skin problems. May also benefit the healing process after su...


Chudleys Canine Nettle Supplement

Nettle is widely used to provide nutritional support for skin & coat condition. Helps to keep him looking shiny & healthy.  Ideal for dogs with dry, itchy or scurfy skin or a dull coat.  May also be of benefit for dogs that are prone to skin problems & allergies.

Price from:   £7.96

Chudley Canine Placid Herb

Chudleys Placid Canine has a special blend of herbs including: Chamomile, Lemon Balm, Vervain, Scullcap & Lime Flowers - all renowned for their calming properties.  It is formulated specifically to help calm stressed, anxious or excitable dogs. Key Benefits: Ideal for overly exci...


Chudleys Canine Agrimony Herb

Chudleys Canine Agrimony Herb is an aid to calm dogs, and can help with urinary incontinence. Animals can develop medical problems such as diarrhoea, skin problems and arthritis when stressed and Canine Agrimony Herb can help to prevent these symptoms.


Chudleys Canine Mobility Powder

Chudleys Mobility is a palatable and 100% natural blend of herbs for the nutritional maintenance of the musculo-skeletal system. It’s special blend of herbs include: Nettle, Comfrey Leaf, Celery Seed, Burdock Root, Devil's Claw Root & Dandelion. Key Benefits: Formulated speci...

Price from:   £9.60
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