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Canaural Ear Drops

Various sizes - View product for choices Canaural Ear Drops are effective against the micro-organisms commonly associated with otitis externa, including the ear mite, Otodectes cynotis, and are specifically formulated for the treatment of otitis externa in the dog and cat.

Price from:   £9.79


This item is sent by 1pm Special Next Day Delivery in a chill pack, once prescription has been received. Please note that Caninsulin can only be sent from Mon-Thu to ensure delivery before a weekend. **PLEASE ENSURE YOU ARE AT HOME TO RECEIVE YOUR ORDER AS THE INSULIN NEEDS TO BE KEPT COLD BETWE...

Price from:   £5.45


Cardalis is a powerful dual-acting product containing benazepril and spironolactone in one tablet, for the management of heart failure caused by mitral valve disease in dogs.

Price from:   £19.90


Cardisure is for the treatment of canine congestive heart failure originating from valvular insufficiency (mitral and/or tricuspid regurgitation) or dilated cardiomyopathy.

Price from:   £0.32

Carprieve Unflavoured Tablets 100mg (previously Norocarp)

Carprieve (Norocarp) 100mg tablets contain 100mg carprofen. It is indicated for analgesia and reduction of chronic inflammation, for example in degenerative joint disease, in dogs. It can also  be used in the management of post-operative pain.

Carprodyl F

Carprodyl F tablets are scored, circular beige tablets containing as active ingredient 20 mg, 50 mg or 100 mg carprofen. For analgesia and reduction of inflammation caused by musculo-skeletal disorders and degenerative joint disease of the dog. Carprodyl F tablets can also be used in the manag...

Price from:   £40.20

Cartrophen Vet Injection

Cartrophen Vet is indicated for the treatment of lameness and pain of osteoarthritis (non-infectious arthrosis) and related musculoskeletal disorders in the dog.

Cefaseptin Tablets

Various sizes - View product for choices Used for Canine pyoderma caused by Staphylococcus intermedius

Price from:   £105.05

Cephacare Flavour

The active ingredient of Cephacare is Cefalexin. Cefalexin is a semi-synthetic bactericidal antibiotic belonging to the cephalosporin group which acts by interference with bacterial cell wall formation. Cefalexin is active against a wide range of Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria. Cepha...

Price from:   £0.35

Cephaguard DC

Various sizes - View product for choices For the treatment of subclinical mastitis at drying off and the prevention of new bacterial infections of the udder during the dry period in the dairy cow caused by certain cefquinome-sensitive organisms

Price from:   £53.65

Cephorum Tablets

Various sizes - View product for choices Cephorum® Tablets are indicated for oral antibiotic therapy in dogs.

Price from:   £0.43


Various sizes - View product for choices The Tablets are indicated for oral antibiotic therapy in dogs

Price from:   £0.35

Cepravin Dry Cow

Cepravin Dry Cow is a long-acting intramammary suspension containing cefalonium, a semi-synthetic cefalosporin antibiotic. It is formulated to give persistent antibiotic levels in the dry udder.


Each tablet contains 16 mg, 24 mg, 60 mg or 160 mg maropitant as maropitant citrate monohydrate. The tablets also contain Sunset Yellow (E110) as a colourant. The tablets are pale orange and have a score line on both sides allowing the tablet to be halved. Each tablet is marked with the Pfizer log...

Price from:   £7.96


CERTIFECT, the newest member of the FRONTLINE family, was created to help you arm your dog against infestations of ticks and fleas.  CERTIFECT offers fast-acting, long-lasting protection to start killing ticks within 6 hours,  completely killing them in 18 hours. Key Benefits: Ki...

Price from:   £21.55
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