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Accucheck Advantage Plus Glucose Strips

These small, discreet easy-to-use blood glucose strips only require a small sample of blood to give results. Suitable for self-testing.   


Advantage 40 for Small Cats, Dogs, and Rabbits - 4 pipettes

**Now available without prescription for U.K - prescription is required in the Republic of Ireland** Advantage for Small Cats, Small Dogs and Rabbits is indicated for the prevention and control treatment of flea infestations and can be used on kittens aged 8 weeks and older. For cats and d...


Advantage 80 for Large Cats and Rabbits - 4 pipettes

**Now available without prescription for U.K - prescription is required in the Republic of Ireland** Advantage spot-on solution can be used for both the treatment and prevention of flea infestations on cats, and the treatment of fleas on rabbits.  Advantage also kills flea larvae in the ho...


Aerokat Feline Aerosol Chamber

Aerokat Feline Aerosol Chamber has been specifically designed for domestic cats. who suffer from feline asthma.Its careful design fits comfortably on your cats nose and mouth to enhances drug delivery and reducing side-effects related to long-term systemic (pills/syrups) medications.  It may ...


Allermyl Shampoo

Allermyl shampoo is a lovely soothing shampoo for cats and dogs containing a vast array of ingredients to help, including vitamin E to minimise damaged caused by irritation, an antimicrobial to limit bacterial growth, and essential fatty acids to help repair the skin. Maintains the integrity of th...


Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera is an excellent preparation to use for skin conditions such as allergies, abscesses, fungal infections, pyoderma, and many types of dermatitis.  Aloe Vera will decrease inflammation as well as helping to remove dead cells and discharges. It will encourage a suitable environment for ...


AlphaTrak 2 Control Solution

Size: 1 Pack

AlphaTRAK 2 CONTROL SOLUTION is for use with Dog and Cat Glucose Testing. Shake vial before using. Apply one drop of the control solution to the AlphaTrak test strip Discard three months after opening. Write discard date on vial label. AlphaTRAK 2 CONTROL SOLUTIONis for use with Do...


Alpha Trak 2 Lancets

The lancets are needles used to prick the skin to draw blood for sugar testing AlphaTRAK 2 is the only portable blood glucose monitoring system validated for cats and dogs.  


Alpha Trak 2 Test Strips

*** Please note, these test strips can be used in the original Alphatrak (grey) meter and the new Alphatrak 2(purple) meter . Please note: If using the strips in the original Alphatrak (grey) meter the settings will need to be changed. Please read product leaflet  before use.*** The AlphaTR...



Canigest Paste is a complementary feeding stuff for dogs and cats combining a probiotic, prebiotics, glutamine, kaolin and pectin. It is particularly suitable for feeding to dogs to assist in the nutritional management of digestive tract upsets. Probiotics may improve health conditions in dogs exp...

Price from:   £7.85

Caninsulin Syringes 30 x 0.5ml

30 x 0.5ml Caninsulin Syringes Needle size 29g x 1/2" fixed needle USE ONLY WITH CANINSULIN!!


Caninsulin Syringes 30 x 1.0ml

30 x 1.0ml Caninsulin Syringes for administration of Insulin in Diabetes Needle size 28g x 1/2" fixed needle USE ONLY WITH CANINSULIN!!


Caninsulin Vetpen Needles

Caninsulin VetPen is the 1st and only insulin pen designed specifically for use in diabetic dogs and cats. This device features innovative technology that makes giving insulin injections simpler, more accurate and less time-consuming. Key Benefits: Offers a convenient alternative for those...


Capstar Flea Treatment Tablets

**Capstar cannot be sent to the Republic of Ireland* Capstar is indicated for the treatment of fleas on dogs and cats.  Works by removing fleas extremely quickly. Within 15 minutes, you should start seeing the fleas fall off your pet. For ongoing preventative treatment you could use any ...

Price from:   £12.40

CerumAural Ear Flush

CerumAural Ear Flush  is a potent ceruminolytic flush. This non-irritating, de-waxing and deep-cleaning ceruminolytic may be used for routine ear maintenance or in excessively waxy ears that need to be cleaned prior to the use of medication. It is suitable for cats and dogs.

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