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Arm & Hammer Cat Dental Mints

Arm & Hammer Cat Dental Mints are the simple way to help keep your cats teeth clean and breath fresh.  Made with baking soda, these soda particles dissolve in your cats saliva to clean deep down in the microscopic crevices.   The soda works as a cleanser on the teeth and gums to ...


Arm & Hammer Cat Dental Rinse

Arm & Hammer Cat Dental Rinse is an easy way to help keep your cat's teeth clean and his breath fresh.   Just add one capful to your cats water bowl for up to 24 hour dental protection.  Key Benefits:   Camellia Sinensis leaf extract increases the anti bacterial p...


Arm & Hammer Cat Dental Spray

Arm & Hammer Cat Dental Spray is a simple way to help keep your cats breath fresh and teeth and gums clean.   Made with natural ingredients, the spray is flavourless, tasteless and unscented for your cats comfort. Simply spray 1-to-2 pumps directly onto teeth and gums per side.  ...


Beaphar Dental Kit Dog & Cat

Beaphar Dental Kit Dog & Cat is an all-in-one kit to help you to maintain your pet’s oral health. It contains a dual-action toothpaste, twin-headed toothbrush and also 10 fresh breath tablets. This handy kit will enable you to keep your pet’s teeth clean and their breath fresh.


Beaphar Finger Toothbrush

Beaphar Finger Toothbrush is a pair of fantastic nylon bristle finger brushes for cleaning your pet's teeth. Designed to maximise your comfort and cleaning power, these easy to use finger brushes accurately remove plaque and tartar build up, making your pet's teeth cleaner and much more healthy. ...


Dentagen Aqua

Dentagen Aqua is a palatable drinking water additive that maintains the concentration of the active principle RF2 in the mouth throughout the day. Suitable for cats and dogs, Dentagen Aqua freshens breath by providing continuous protection against plaque formation.


Dentagen Toothpaste

Dentagen Toothpaste has been designed specifically for dogs and cats, inhibiting plaque formation between brushing times. No other toothpaste has this inhibitory effect. Every tube is packaged with a finger-brush to allow clients to initiate brushing their pet's teeth.


Dorwest Fragaria 3C

Dorwest Fragaria 3C is for encrusted teeth. Give one daily for up to one month until tartar is significantly reduced. As a preventative against new tartar build up, give one weekly thereafter. Click here to view the Dorwest range


Dual End Toothbrush

Long handled-toothbrush, dual-ended so suitable for all sizes of dogs and cats. Reverse angle allows for easy application. Tapered end conforms to pet’s mouth and teeth. Soft bristles ensure a gentle, well-tolerated application.  Click here for information on how to brush your pets...


Enzymatic Toothpaste

Enzymatic Toothpaste is a highly palatable formula based on the patented CET enzymatic system which actively enhances the natural defence mechanisms of the mouth. Regular brushing helps to remove plaque, reduce tartar formation and reduce bad breath. 

Price from:   £3.65

Hatchwell Finger Toothbrush

Hatchwell Finger Toothbrush which fits on to your finger, with soft bristles to gently massage gums.


Hatchwell Meat Flavoured Toothpaste

Hatchwell Meat Flavoured Toothpaste. Non - enzyme formula, suitable for frequent use, meat flavoured. For dogs and cats.


Hill's Prescription Diet Feline t/d

Hill's Prescription Diet Feline t/d helps to maintain oral health. Key Benefits: Clinically proven to help reduce the build-up of tartar, plaque and stains. Contains aligned fibres in a special fibre matrix that helps wipe the teeth when the kibble passes through. Helps supp...

Price from:   £13.90

Lintbells Microfibre Tooth Cleaner

Lintbells Antibacterial Toothcleaner gives you an easy way to clean your pet's teeth. With 12,000 more fibres than a toothbrush and antibacterial silver ions, the microfibre tooth cleaner gently removes bacteria and plaque, preventing build up of tartar and freshening breath. Key Benefits: ...


Logic Oral Hygiene Gel

Logic Oral Hygiene Gel Toothpaste contains a patented complex of naturally occurring enzymes which control the bacteria responsible for the development of plaque and bad breath. Key Benefits: Surfactant ensures the formulation is “sticky” and therefore that the active ingredient...

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