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Absorbine Vet Liniment

Absorbine Veterinary Linimentis has a soothing antiseptic blend of natural herbs and oils that is an effective treatment for temporary muscular soreness and stiffness. Absorbine's time-honored formula is made with our proprietary blend of the herbal extracts Calendula, Echinacea, and Worm...

Price from:   £23.99

Activ Wash Equine

Activ Wash is an anti-bacterial cleanser for the management of common equine skin conditions. Used diluted, Activ Wash is also ideal for removing dirt, grease and contamination from horses. Developed specifically for equine use, Activ Wash is a multi purpose, anti-bacterial cleanser that lathe...


Albert E James Baby Pure Salt Lick

Albert E James Baby Pure Salt lick. Suitable for all stock, Sodium Chloride 40%.


Albert E James Baby Rockie

Albert E James Baby Red Rockie's Horse Lick is a mineralised salt lick - also suitable for cattle, deer and goats. CONTAINS COPPER - DO NOT FEED TO SHEEP

Price from:   £4.84

Albert E James Farmgate Chicken Feed

Albert E James Farmgate Chicken Feed is a compound complementary feed of mixed wheat and maize for all classes of poultry. Feed as and when required. Contains: Protein 10%, Oil 2.4%, Fibre 2.5%, Ash 1.5%. Ingredients: Wheat, Cut Maize.

Price from:   £20.65

Albert E James Poultry Wheat

Albert E James Polutry Wheat is straight feeding stuff for birds.


Allevyn Adhesive Bandage

Allevyn consists of a layer of soft, hydrophilic polyurethane foam, about six millimetres thick, bonded to a pink semi permeable polyurethane film. Although this film is permeable to moisture vapour, it provides an effective barrier to water or wound exudate and also prevents the passage of micro ...

Price from:   £28.90

Allevyn Cavity Dressings

ALLEVYN Cavity provides ALLEVY hydrocellular technology in a unique 3 dimensional structure for effective management of deep wounds. Key Benefits: Highly absorbent - ALLEVYN Cavity dressings have been designed to overcome the problems associated with dressing deep wounds. Their high absorbe...

Price from:   £86.00

Allevyn Non-Adhesive Dressing

ALLEVYN Non-Adhesive Dressing is an absorbent antimicrobial three layer dressing. A SSD (Silver Sulfadiazine) containing absorbent hydrocellular pad sandwiched between a perforated non adherent wound contact layer and a waterproof outer film. The dressing provides an effective barrier to microbi...

Price from:   £54.90

Aloe Vera Juice

Much has been written about the virtues of Aloe Vera. This one represents excellent value for money as well as guaranteed organically grown aloin free and double strength. Usage: Dogs - add one to two 5ml spoonfuls daily to food. Racing Pigeons - one to two 5ml spoonfuls to a gallon of wat...



Animalintex is a veterinary licensed poultice dressing for infected, open wounds, abscesses, sprains, bruising, skin disorders such as mud fever, foot conditions, punctures, cracked heels, laminitis, to relieve or prevent swelling after exercise. Use hot or cold.

Price from:   £6.50

Animalintex Hoof

Animalintex Hoof is for rapid and effective treatment of hoof diseases, injuries and conditions. Hoof shaped so easier and quicker to prepeare, no cutting required. Each pack contains 3 dressings.

Price from:   £6.49

Anistel High Level Surface Disinfectant

Anistel High Level Surface Disinfectant formerly Trigene. The Trigene formulation has prided itself over the last 20 years in providing its users with products that have been developed to meet their precise needs and that utilise the latest science and research to help keep prices cost effective. ...

Price from:   £47.70

Anti-Feather Pecking Spray

Anti-Feather Pecking Spray works firstly by preventing biting, plucking and cannibalism occurring as it contains a foul tasting substance with a very strong odour. The foul tasting substance is so strong most biting or plucking will cease after 1 or 2 days. Anti-bacterial agents have been incorpor...


Arthri Aid Equine

In the normal day to day life of a horse the joint cartilage is continually being broken down and replacement cartilage is being manufactured. However this balance can be upset due to increased training, trauma, competition or simply old age. Such horses need to be assisted in the repair of th...

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