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Equine Products

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Noromectin 1.87%

Noromectin (ivermectin) paste for horses is provided in a convenient syringe containing 120mg of Ivermectin sufficient to worm a 700Kg horse. This wormer can be used in pregnant mares and fo...

From  £9.85

Cod Liver Oil

Rich in vitamins A and D, and also linoleic acid which may be renowned for its benefits to suppleness and coat condition. Always a popular condition improver. NAF Cod Liver Oil is formulated...

From  £18.95

NAF Biotin

NAF Biotin is an additive to help strengthen the feet of your horse. Biotin deficiencies have been indicated as one of the causes of weak hooves. The supplementation of 15 mg of Biotin daily...

From  £13.79

 In the normal day to day life of a horse the joint cartilage is continually being broken down and replacement cartilage is being manufactured. However this balance can be upset due to incre...

From  £64.95

Safe4 RTU Spray Clear

Safe4 Ready to Use Spray is a top quality ready diluted spray for all your cleaning requirements. Made without harmful phenols, aldehydes or alcohol, this disinfectant spray is completely sa...


Bob Martin Disinfectant Trigger Spray

Bob Martin Disinfectant Trigger Spray is perfectly safe and ideal for use on pet accessories and homes. Bob Martin disinfectant kills germs, viruses and bacteria. Use regularly on pet equipm...


Muddy Marvel De-Scab cream

Net-Tex Muddy Marvel De-Scab is a highly penetrative solution that helps to soften and cleanse areas of concern associated with wet and muddy conditions. It is a three-part solution regime t...



Iodophore disinfectant and detergent sanitiser for dairy and livestock hygiene. Quickly kills bacteria, viruses and fungi. Active in the presence of organic matter. Concentrated Ministry App...


Pet Life Formula H Concentrate Disinfectant

Pet Life Formula H Concentrate Disinfectant. A powerful disinfectant and a most effective and economical small animal pathogen killer. Disinfects, cleans, protects, deodorises, leaves a plea...

From  £4.99

Iron X Cell

IRON X CELL is a premium Iron Enriched B vitamin syrup. It also contains Sorbitol, which enhances the serum concentrations that result from the oral administration of Vitamin B12.  Competiti...

From  £37.45

Anistel High Level Surface Disinfectant

Anistel High Level Surface Disinfectant formerly Trigene. The Trigene formulation has prided itself over the last 20 years in providing its users with products that have been developed to me...

From  £47.70

Salt Block Holder

To put on the wall to hold the 2KG salt blocks.


Safe4 Hand Sanitiser

Safe4 eliminates all offensive smells, strong animal and pet odours, including male cat odours, tobacco, urine, etc. A blend of organic oils that break down the molecules that cause the smel...

From  £4.00

Vetgel Hand Disinfectant

TriGel is an alcohol gel skin disinfectant for long lasting rapid skin disinfection. Effective against a wide range of bacteria, sporaes and fungi. For use as a rapid acting hand disinfectan...


Hepatosyl Equine Plus Capsules

S-Adenosylmethionine (SAMe) is made by all cells from methionine and adenosine triphosphate and is very important to normal liver function in several ways. It plays a central role in the syn...


18 Products found

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