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Heptavac-P Plus

Heptavac-P Plus


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Pasteurella pneumonia is the biggest killer of sheep.  Nearly all sheep carry the organisms on their tonsils and when animals are stressed, disease often results. Clostridial diseases can also strike without warning.  The organisms responsible for these are widespread in the soil.  The diseases are invariably fatal and all sheep are at risk.

Heptavac-P Plus provides effective pasteurella and clostridial protection for breeding sheep.  It is essential to give replacement ewes (and rams) two 2ml doses, 4 to 6 weeks apart when they join the flock.  A booster dose is also required pre-lambing to maintain the ewe’s immunity and to provide high levels of antibodies that can be passed on to her lambs via the colostrum. Heptavac-P Plus contains antigens from seven clostridial species and antigens from the most important serotypes of Mannheimia haemolytica and Pasteurella trehalosi.

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