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Flubenvet 1% Medicated Premixture

Flubenvet 1% Medicated Premixture


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Flubenvet is a poultry wormer designed specifically for the small domestic poultry keeper.  Treatment with Flubenvet 1%, an in-feed medication, helps to resolve the worm problem.  Flubenvet Medicated Premixture is effective against gapeworm, large roundworm, caecal worm, hairworm and gizzard worm in chickens, turkeys and geese. 

Key Benefits:

  • Kills all common parasitic worms
  • Chicken eggs edible during treatment
  • 7 day in feed treatment
  • 60g pack treats around 20 chickens

Worms are not always visible and infection can be asymptomatic but worms can also affect egg quality and yield – fewer, smaller, paler, brittle eggs can result. Affected poultry can suffer ill thrift, anaemia and even death. The non-specific nature of the condition can make it hard for novices to identify.

Flubenvet 1% in feed for 7 can be used as a preventive health routine:

  • To worm all new poultry when introducing them to the flock
  • Before introducing the flock to pasture
  • As a preventive measure on the whole flock for spring, summer & autumn

Birds must not be slaughtered for human consumption during treatment. Treated birds may be slaughtered for human consumption only after 7 days from the last treatment.

Full instructions for control of worms plus a measuring scoop for accurate dosing are included with the pack.

For further information on Flubenvet 1% Premedicated Mixture click here

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