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External parasite protection for rabbits, guinea pigs and ferrets

Rabbits, guinea pigs and ferrets can fall victim to external parasites in the same way that dogs and cats can.  Your small pet can be exposed to external parasites through contact with other small pets (particular care needs to be taken when new pets are introduced) or it may come into contact with these parasites in it’s environment. All of these species can be affected by fleas. Additionally to this Ferrets and rabbits are susceptible to ear and mange mites, whereas guinea pigs are at increased risk of lice and mange.   

Clinical signs

If your pet has ear mites they symptoms will include:

-         Brown crusts in the ear canal

-         Head shaking

-         Ear scratching

-         Head tilting.

Lice and mange mites are often found on the neck and back area, and there are certain signs to look out for:

-         Increased itching

-         Baldness

-         Scabs from self inflicted wounds.

Lastly there are fleas, which are unmistakable as they are visible to the naked eye, and look like little moving black specs.   They will cause your pet to scratch more, and upon parting the hair you may see dark debris which is the droppings of the fleas. To confirm that the debris is flea droppings and not regular dirt you simply comb the animal over a sheet of plain white paper, then mix a few drops of water with the debris that collects on the paper. If the debris is flea dirt the water will turn a dark reddish-brown as mixing occurs – this is due to the blood present in the faeces.

Prevention is better than treatment

It is better to prevent a problem arising as opposed to treating it, you reduce the risk of spreading the parasites, and your pet avoids having to go through any discomfort.  Here at Medic Animal we stock different products to stop your pet getting parasites, the best one is Xeno 450 which can be used on rabbits, guinea pigs and ferrets.  It protects both rabbits and ferrets against ear mites and mange mites, and in addition to these it protects guinea pigs against lice.  Not only does it protect you animal against external parasites, but internal ones too, which makes it a great all-rounder product.

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