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Equest Oral Gel

Equest Oral Gel


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Equest Oral Gel Syringe is a palatable gel equine wormer available in a dial-dose syringe.  The active ingredient is moxidectin and one syringe will treat one 575kg horse. Equest with its 13-week dosing interval for the control of small strongyles is the longest lasting routine horse wormer. Equest controls with a single dose adult and larval stages of roundworms, including migrating large redworm larvae and the inhibited and developing stages of encysted small redworm larvae; also controls bots. Equest is suitable for use in pregnant and lactating mares and for foals from 4 months of age.

Equest does not protect against tapeworms and therefore it is generally recommended that every 6 months your horse is treated for tapeworms within its horse worming programme. Suggested horse wormers are Equest Pramox containing moxidectin and praziquantel, or Equitape containing praziquantel.

Please ensure you read the pack information and any additional leaflet provided before administering the product and if in any doubt, always consult a vet before administering treatment.

To ensure that you read the most up to date information about this product, please check the VMD's Product Information Database.
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