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Chudleys Rabbit Royale

Chudleys Rabbit Royale


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Rabbit Muesli Awareness

We have stopped selling rabbit muesli-based products. The main reason for this is the potential health issues for your rabbits with these types of products.  If you are currently feeding your rabbits these products, we recommend to gradually phase them out replacing them with nuggets as part of their regular diet. Please read further for more details.

Health Issues
Recently, a large scale study performed at Edinburgh University confirmed suspicions that rabbit muesli-based diets are actually detrimental to our rabbits’ health. Feeding a muesli-style diet can lead to dental problems, gut problems, faecal soiling, obesity and nutritional deficiencies. The risk remains high even if muesli makes up only a small part of the diet. See the results of the study here. (

The PDSA and the RSPCA are both fully supporting the results of this study and recommend that muesli-style diets should never be fed to rabbits.

Therefore, we believe the responsible path to take is to discontinue rabbit muesli on our website.

Recommended Diet
According to the study, the best diet you can feed your rabbit is a mix of 80% good quality hay/grass, and 20% nuggets/pellets. Rabbit nuggets or pellets contain all of the vitamins and minerals your rabbit needs in a safe format, with long fibre strands for good teeth and gut health. You can make the change from muesli to rabbit nuggets/pellets by gradually phasing the nuggets in and the muesli out. This should be done slowly over 14-28 days, to ensure your rabbit accepts the new diet, and to give the rabbit’s gut a chance to adapt.

Introduce the nuggets or pellets at a ratio of 10% nuggets to 90% muesli to start with. Every two days, increase the amount of nuggets by 5-10%, so by 2-4 weeks later, the muesli will have been replaced completely. If you have any concerns, or problems with the transition, please see your vet for advice.




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