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Superior Wildbird Feed

Superior Quality Wildbird Food. Exceptional feed for all year round table feeding Contains a large variety of ingredients to attract a wide range of Wild Birds INGREDIENTS: Cut Maize, Wheat,...


Virkon S Sachets

Powerful disinfectant active against bacteria fungi moulds and virus families including ringworm. Supplied as an economical powder to dissolve in water. 


Cockatiel Mix

Formulated to meet the requirements of seed eating parakeets and cockatiels this specially selected blend of 9 seeds and grains can be fed to individual pet birds or to larger collections in...


Black Sunflower Seed

High In Oil And Protein. A Superb Source Of Energy. Economical To Feed For Wild Birds.


Peanuts Sack Nett Weight

Suitable For Feeding Wild Birds All Year Round.  Sack Nett Weight : 25kg


Buckton Wildbird Food 20kg

Designed To Be Fed Through Hanging Bird Feeders Or Bird Tables. Offers Brilliant Value To The Volume User.

From  £19.90

Ivermectin Drops

Ivermectin Drops are for the treatment of mites and feather lice in caged birds and other small animals. The drops are easy to apply using the dropper nozzle. A very cost effective solution,...

From  £12.80

Harkers Spartrix Tablets for Pigeons

Spartrix is a one tablet treatment for canker, each tablet containing 10mg Carnidazole. Young birds can be treated at weaning with half a tablet. Adult birds should be treated before breedin...


Virkon Professional Tablets

VIRKON is dissolved in water for use, providing a safe working solution with a faint lemon odour. It has proven efficacy against bacteria (including mycobacteria), viruses, spores and fungi ...

From  £34.96


For the treatment of coccidiosis in pigeons. 112 ml is sufficient to treat about 30 birds Dosage For oral administration only. To be added to the drinking water at the rate of 28 ml per 4.5 ...

From  £6.95

Albert E James Country Wide Wild Bird Seed

Albert E James Country Wide Bird Seed is quality wild bird feed for both table and seed feeders. Formulated to a strict recipe. Ingredients: Cut Maize, Wheat, Black Sunflower, Red Dari, Whit...


Xeno 450 Spot on 6 pipettes

Xeno450 is a convenient spot-on treatment for rabbits, guinea pigs, rodents, ferrets, and birds over 800g bodyweight.  This box contains 6 Pipettes which each contain 450mcg of Ivermectin In...

From  £27.85

Virkon S

Antec Virkon S is the most proven livestock disinfectant in the world. Fast acting - 1% solution independently proven to kill bacteria and fungi in less than 5 minutes and parvovirus in less...

From  £69.90

Harrisons Energy Boost Suet Block Variety Box

Harrisons Energy Boost Suet Block is made from human grade suet. Suet blocks are a great energy boost for wild birds both in cold weather and in the breeding season. The pack includes suet w...


Johnston & Jeff Fat Balls

Johnston & Jeff Fat Balls. Metabolised energy foods for wild birds. It gives them instant vigour, and they love it. A superb all-year-round food that can even cope with hard frost. Our fat b...


506 Products found

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